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International X Dental Clinic is the place for dental tourism destination and emergency dental care services. Located in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico just minutes across the border from El Paso Texas. This clinic offers a variety of dental services all performed by a professional group of specialized dentist that work full time and all whom possess master’s degrees in their respectable fields with more than 10 years’ experience in dentistry. This allows us to provide all patients a more complete service reducing waiting time. 

Dentist in Mexico have been providing dental care and cosmetic dentistry services for years to people that travel from The United States and Canada. Here at International X Dental Clinic we are commited to offer the best service possible with great prices, friendly staff and above all quality. Our cosmetic crowns start at a price range of $299.00 dollars, dental implants starting at $580.00 dollars. WOW!

Dental Tourism has been around for some time now. Every day more Americans are traveling to different destinations around the world to seek dental care at a price that is affordable. Our patients simply travel here because is closer to the United States, pay for quality dental care and save a substantial amount of 60% or more on dental services. We accept U.S. dental insurance.

If you have been considering alternative ways to get the smile you want, then please continue reading the following information.

Traveling to Mexico and adding your travel expenses still does not come close to the amount you’ll be paying back in the United States. It is surprising but it’s true. If you recently have gone to a dental office in your home town ask your dentist to give you a detail itemized treatment plan he offered you, take a picture with your cell phone or digital camara and send it to us by email, we will reply back with and answer and just compare our prices. Please only send the detail description of the treatment DO NOT SEND THE PRICE SECTION.

International X Dental Clinic is located on a brand new commercial plaza near one of the upscale residential areas in Ciudad Juarez. Several restaurant locations are at walking distance so if you visit us with a companion He/She can enjoy dinning will you are having dental work done. Our emergency dental care services will provide you with fast and quality results. 

Most of our patients after searching for a best dental clinic near me and visit that local dentist get a very high bill for very little dental work so they travel to visit us. People that decide to visit our clinic travel to El Paso Texas and they stay in a hotel or they choose to stay on the side of Juarez Mexico. International X Dental Clinic provides transportation from your hotel to our clinic. Our Orthodontist clinic in Juarez. Ones the patient arrives he is evaluated by a dentist. This evaluation consists in a full exam and x-rays then a detail estimate will be presented  with the cost and a formal explanation of all recommendations and the time it will take us to complete the treatment. International X Dental Clinic can provide full Cosmetic restorations in less then 6 days.

International X Dental Clinic offers cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers, metal free crowns, affordable dental implants like one implant placement to full mouth dental implant restorations, Periodontal services, Orthodontal services with several options that can fit your budget, Cosmetic metal porcelain crowns starting only at $299.00 U.S. dollars and extremely affordable dentures.



1.-Free Transportation from El Paso TX to our Clinic and back.

2.-Bilingual Dentist

3.-Quality dental services

4.-You will save money. Over 65% from U.S. or Canadian dentist

5.-Porcelain crowns and bridges under 5 year warranty

6.- Full mouth restorations in 5 days

7.- Same day implant placement

8.-We accept U.S. insurance.


Next Steps…

Give us a call. We will answer all of your questions.

Send us your estimate from your local dentist. Please, only send the treatment description. Do not send or mentioned any prices.

We will send you our estimate for the same treatment and just compare. Also you will receive information about hotels located in El Paso TX and Juarez and ride details.

Make your travel plans. You must travel to El Paso TX our neighbor city. Patient travel various ways whether by car, bus,plane or train. Patient who have traveled to International X dental Clinic have come from several places in the state of Texas all the way to New Jersey and Alaska.

We will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our clinic. Then we will start with a full exam. Our specialist team are responsable to take care of you

You will receive a formal treatment plan based on your exam results.

You decide how and when we start.